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Middle school... something I have no intention of reliving except for...

I dedicated Hole's "Rock Star" to my eighth grade class in a facebook post yesterday. Here is what it said, in full, for the purpose of archiving on lj so it'll be easier to find should I want to pull it up again:

"Truthfully, I feel a profound sense of spite toward some of the folks that shared classrooms with me during the 1990-1991 school year. I was ostracized, rejected, and loathed (perhaps that was some of my own doing, IDK). In spite of all tha...t went down, I turned out okay. But the unfounded rejection? Seriously, I kick the crap out of myself for ever spending a second on trying to fit in with anyone in that little fish barrel of a town. With some of those folks, though, I have made amends. Some people grow up and get a bit of sense about them.

Still, fuck it to hell, I am bitter - and for all the right reasons. There's no good reason for people to act like that. My kids are being raised to treat all human beings with respect, regardless of their last name, economic background, frequency of church attendance, or lack of conformity with mainstream regional culture. They will know more than two races, two possible lifestyles, and more than one religion, if any religion at all.

And they will never, ever know what it's like to have an open mind and be stuck in Albany, Georgia. Never. I wish that emotional horror on no one. The years that encompass my passage into full adolescence are a complete, socially awkward, hormonally-charged blur to me, for reasons that most of you will never understand. That's fine. Just figured I owed an explanation to those of you who were cool with me back in the period of my life to which, at the ripe-old age of thirty-three, I still insist on bidding a giant FUCK YOU. Some of you share my sentiment. Some of you are reading this and wonder what hit you.

Many folks say they wish they could be a kid again. I am not one of those people. 1986-1991 are all years that I've taken most of my adult life to put behind me. Why would I want to bring them back?"

Hey, I like what I write. Sue me. :-)
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