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Drop my party affiliation?

I'm considering dropping out of the Democratic Party and refusing to affiliate with any party at all. None of them match my views completely anyway. The major parties are way too tied in with the kleptocracy to be any good to anyone. I've aligned with the Democratic Party in the past because they have at least somewhat matched my views - more than I can say for the GOP. My problem is that these days both parties vote strikingly similar when it comes to issues involving Big Business. That pisses me off. There's no REAL accountability or transparency - just a bunch of empty lip service. Don't get me wrong, there are some good folks in politics, but the party system is rubbish. I dream of the impossible: elected officials who truly represent us instead of cowering behind a party flag. I want people who consider the issues on their own merits instead of worrying about what the party has to say about it and representatives who answer to the people.

Besides, who deserves more loyalty? Is it the people, or a god damned party?
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