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No Fence Will Hold The Sentient

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imma tell you like this...Kogi BBQ is Tsar Bomba. And Venice Beach smells like pee.
Next time you go to SoCal, you have to hit up the fellas who run Kogi BBQ, which are basically three or four roach coaches that serve bomb ass Korean tacos. Yep, you read it right, KOREAN tacos. These were tacos hooked up with the most perfect kimchi I've ever tasted. Here are some highlights:

This is the truck... one of them at least.

This is the menu. Simple, right?

This is the line. People in LA are crazy for this stuff.

This is the food. It lives up to the hype, and then some. I was still drooling this morning.

This (the guy on the right) is the man that makes it all happen. Bow to him. He is a genius.

If you follow Kogi on Twitter you can keep track of where the truck is. They new our group was coming so they prepared a special "blackjack" quesadilla for us. It wasn't as good as the tacos (and the burrito) I ate, but it was better than any other quesadilla I have eaten.

My wife said it was better then King Taco. Make note of that. Frame that. This shit is next level.

I'd tell you about the hipster dive we stumbled into in Venice Beach, but I'd have to clean the puke out of my mouth again. Ick. Venice Beach smells like pee. A lot.

Today, I had acupuncture did for my back. Acupuncture is the most uncomfortable experience to which I will ever subject myself - repeatedly. No joke, this shit worked better than any narcotic pain reliever I've ever used. I'm going back, believe that.

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"My wife said it was better then King Taco. Make note of that. Frame that. This shit is next level."

Wow, I am FLOORED. Thanks so much for coming out and, reaLLy, it's the crowd that heLps make the food taste so good! There's nothing like a littLe extra love to work with on the griLL.

Love and tacos,

I have so been meaning to try these. I heard about them being on twitter and they were in the LA times. I live in koreatown in LA (err - my mom does) and the mixing of cultures is definitely a plus for the food.

Do it! Do it! Do it!

I guarantee you won't regret it. :-)

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