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No Fence Will Hold The Sentient

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I don't care for Seth Rogen (or his ilk) much.
1 out of 6 women have been sexually assaulted. Most of them knew their assailant(s). Guys who make fun of rape only exacerbate this problem. I, like Courtney in the video, have a pretty broad spectrum of shit that I find funny. Fart jokes, potty humor, political humor, even some tongue-in-cheek stuff are pretty good mainstays of humor. Folks that know me know that I can laugh it up with the best of them. Rape is not one of these things, though. Sexual harassment is not one of these things, either. It chaps my hide that anyone finds this kind of shit funny because I take it seriously - as a dire societal ill. Seth Rogen, or at least the derelict, irresponsible, lazy, immature, undisciplined maggots of characters he plays, embodies exactly the duuuuude mentality I have a problem with - and, frankly why I avoid making male friends. They don't see the world the way I do and think I'm nuts, henpecked (the latest duuude euphemism for egalitarian) , puritanical (I actually have my own sexual imagination rather than being a pr0n clone with no imagination of his own?), or whatever because I don't agree that rape, harassment, using porn, and judging women by their fuckablity are even so much as useful pastimes. They don't understand that some shit just ain't cool with me. Well, guess what! I make no apologies, man. I treat everyone with respect - including these folks. More directly to these folks: I heard your case. I listened to you, debated with you, and considered your side of the story.

You failed. You lost and court is adjourned. Get over it.

Let me make it plain: doing something to hurt or frighten a fellow human being is not, cannot be, and will not ever be funny. For that matter, it's against my beliefs. Remember "An it harm none, do as you will"? I have that sentence or its acronym plastered up just about everywhere I'm present. There's a reason for that. See, I try to avoid hurting or dehumanizing people. I believe that when I do it will come back to me threefold.

Men like Seth Rogen's characters epitomize the failure of our culture to recognize women as equal and hold men responsible for the rape/harassment issue. Use your privilege as a man to do something useful for once.

Oh, and don't ask me if I want to watch "Observe and Report". The answer is no.

The a transcript of Courtney's rant is here.

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having seen the movie in its entirety, i feel this "fuck you" is taken out of context. if you want to get technical, rogen's character - and i stress the word character - also beats the shit out of a half dozen school children with a skateboard, shoots heroin at work, throws around tons of racial slurs, assaults about a dozen police officers with a flashlight and shoots a guy point blank in the chest. anybody who in any way idolizes or feels the actions of this character should be a blueprint for their own has severe mental problems. nuff said. no matter how many arguments i hear to the contrary, i'll never buy the contention that life imitates art in the rational mind. listening to nwa doesn't make rational people shoot police officers, and watching a clearly disturbed character "rape" another doesn't convince anyone its ok to do so. i never want to live in a world where we all have to be socially acceptable for fear the weak minded get the wrong idea and think its ok to do bad things. people who commit these type of acts in the real world should be punished to the fullest extent of the law - people who sing about them, draw pictures of them, or carry them out facetiously in the context of art (whether you think it is or not) dont deserve the same fate. whether or not i agree with it, ill never contest your right to put it out there.

even if we decide to string up those who solicit socially unacceptable (whatever that means) material, lets at least focus on proper target selection...seth rogen doesnt have a writing credit on this film, nor did he produce, direct, or partake in its inception, other than playing a role into which he was cast. he also did not write or produce any of the other films where his characters commit "socially unacceptable" acts. its completely nonsensical to attack an actor for a role he or she plays in a film - to me this ridiculous logic invalidates courtneys entire point. why not attack anna faris for accepting a role as a pill-popping boozed up slut? five minutes after the "rape" occurs, her character has sex with a police detective 40 years her senior in a parked car in front of seth rogen. hmm no mention of that. further, while i may be entertained by a movie about a loser who's having a hard time coming to grips with being a dad, or maybe a couple of serial killers on a cross-country crime spree, or a week in the life of a bi-polar mall cop with some serious issues, in no way does that imply that i condone or respect that type of behavior in the real world. assuming the modern man somehow idolizes and aspires to be like the slackers and miscreants whose actions we laugh at in movies is the same as assuming the modern woman aspires to be paris hilton. its borderline humorous that a large part of the feminist mindset is based on attacking generalization, yet courtney here seems to be employing the same logic towards all of us "bromen" to make her point.

"why not attack anna faris for accepting a role as a pill-popping boozed up slut? five minutes after the "rape" occurs, her character has sex with a police detective 40 years her senior in a parked car in front of seth rogen. hmm no mention of that."

I'm not into blaming the victim, though. By they way, Anna Farris even referred to the scene as rape. Besides, since when dies having sex with someone in another's presence serve as automatic consent? Take some responsibility. Of course, I am not condoning that we "string up those who solicit socially unacceptable material". I know that banning anything is doomed to failure - which is why I approve taxing shit like prostitution, "illegal" drugs, and such. Yet, if I don't agree with something being done, being solicited, being depicted, etc. I will expose it, examine it, and question it.

As for Courtney's approach, I make no apologies because she is addressing other women and men who understand feminism. I thought about how faulty I am in emulating that approach, because if I want to get a message out and cultivate any sort of understanding, that's not the way to approach it.

I never claimed to be perfect, man.

Truth is I really believe in what I do and what I say. I also have to understand that not everyone will agree and that they may not necessarily be world-class assholes because of that. Given that understanding, I am responsible for conveying my my message in a way that folks will understand where I'm coming from without feeling attacked. What's obvious, cut, and dried to me may not be so to you.

I would feel rotten if I had sex with a woman while she was too incapacitated to give her explicit consent, even if she had slept with someone else in my presence. I don't feel it is for me to determine whether or not she would consent were she sober. I do not have that right, therefore, I don't feel anyone else does either.

"assuming the modern man somehow idolizes and aspires to be like the slackers and miscreants whose actions we laugh at in movies"

I don't think anyone made that assumption. Rather, they should question why they find that kind of shit funny. I questioned why I don't and found my convictions were justified.

"no matter how many arguments i hear to the contrary, i'll never buy the contention that life imitates art in the rational mind."

Really? What about statistics, such as this one? General attitudes toward women in society fuckin' suck. Material like this certainly can't help matters.

How many times? The more your sort puff yourselves up with self-righteousness and huff and bluster and rage and rave and shake your fists and cite statistics and snarl and spit the funnier it will get.

For the most part the humour resides not in the situation itself, but the mores of our society being defied. Try and cordon off rape from humour and you make it the funniest thing going.

you'd better not be a troll.

So, let's see, are you opining that a person who doesn't think rape is a laughing matter is somehow self-righteous?

Now, that's funny. Way to project. Now, if what you mean by that is "Jim, don't take such an angry stance because it puts people off," then I can understand, but don't tell me I'm self righteous just because I don't think rape is, or can be, funny. Have you ever been raped/molested? Chances are, you haven't, or else you might think twice before you call someone like me self-righteous.

I have been through that ordeal. I have dealt with the stigma of douche hounds like yourself thinking that that sort of trauma is a laughing matter. Once you've actually been through it, it's not so goddamn funny.

Perhaps you have been through it. Perhaps laughing at it is your way of coping. Great for you, but it doesn't mean everyone is going to cope the way you do. If you don't like my way of coping, you can step the fuck off.

Rape angers me, period. It probably always will. If that makes you uncomfortable, don't read my shit. If you think that's funny, that speaks volumes about your character, not mine.

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