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So, who's emasculated around here?

Naamen Gobert Tilahun rips the myth that men are emasculated by accepting women as equals to fucking shreds:

"The nicknames are endless, bitch, ballbuster, battleaxe, ballcutter, … all of these are used in reference to a strong woman. When confronted with a woman who exudes strength the automatic reaction of some men is to fall into the whole “woe is me, she emasculated me” line of thought. The introduction of a strong woman into most men’s lives leads to the use of this defense when confronted with ugly truths. It should be no surprise that the idea has gotten so popular that the strong woman/emasculated male trope is now trotted out constantly as an excuse for bad behavior on the part of men. Males and male-apologists alike blame everything from rape, to cheating, to sexual harassment, to cat-calling, to eaves-teasing, to depression, to murder on a woman being “emasculating” thus forcing the man to react in this way.

Yeah…I call bullshit."

Folks like me, who recognize the power and authority that rightfully belongs to a woman as an equal, are often typecast as hen-pecked, emasculated, pussy-whipped, etc, etc, etc. The list goes on and on. The men that make that claim are scared to death of realizing women are in equal standing to us. They want to maintain the status quo and keep all the power and authority for themselves. To them I offer an old saying that is used a lot, but has oodles of truth to it: Power tends to corrupt; absolute power corrupts absolutely. If you're that intimidated by a woman who has declared that she's sick of the nonsense, you need to check yourself rather than vilifying her. So don't sit there and feed me your weak explanations about how the man should wear the pants and the woman should know her place. You're only reinforcing, for me, your own weakness and insecurity - your delusion that a competent, confident, woman being equal to you is somehow a threat. Please, spare me. Hoarding power is a sign of insecurity and, thus, emasculation.

I hope to keep finding readings like these that reinforce facts so that I'm ready when I'm confronted with society's tired old myths about "masculinity".
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