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Argh! Indeed. Saw the doc Friday. She told me that the x-rays of my back looked good in that all the vertabrae looked properly aligned (thx Dr. Keuhl) but that alignment wasn't necessarily indication that there is no possibility that I don't have a herniated disk or a pinched nerve. Doc wants to order an MRI to verify that one or the other doesn't exist, and perhaps send me to a spine doctor. Meanwhile I'm on vicodin, flexoril, and ibuprophen to curb the pain, stop the muscle spasms, and prevent swelling of the area, respectively. I've been told that I shouldn't lift more than ten pounds (yah, right!)and that I can run--- but I tried running this morning and decided brisk walking was less painful on the back.

Don't know what I'll do about work. I think my laptop weighs more than ten pounds. (lol) I got a note just in case. I think my approach will just be taking more care on the job and not insist on trying to do so damn much. meh. :-/
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