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Just for the record, I don't think we should cut out of Iraq immediately. I think that since we already got ourselves in this mess, we have committed ourselves to, at the very least, trying to clean it up. Thing is, we didn't get ourselves in this mess alone, if you catch my drift. Where are our "friends" Saudi Arabia and Pakistan now? We're not as bad-assed as we think we are, especially when we go into a war with an alterior motive and then tie the troops' hands behind their backs so they can't win. You know why the same military that squashed the Axis in WWII can't and won't win? The neocons that drafted up this travesty and the politicians that sent the troops there know that they were wrong, not to mention full of shit, in the first place. I really think that, as cold as those motherfuckers are, they really can't bring themselves to push the button that ends it all.

Guilt has a way of eating away at your insides like that, doesn't it? Make no mistake, folks, guilt can do shit to you that impeachment, a tribunal, or a court-martial can't. It's an emotion. It's in your head. It can fucking kill you. I should know.
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