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Veterans Day/Marine Corps Birthday.

Today is Veteran's Day in America. Two hundred and thirty-one years ago yesterday, Captain Samuel Nicholas recruited the first people that would become the United States Marine Corps at a little beer tavern on the corner of Water Street and Tun Alley in Philadelphia.

Yes, I'm a former jarhead. I'm also a stauch liberal, especially now that the Republican party has abandoned military members in this travesty of a venture commonly known as Operation Iraqi Freedom. All the while swearing up-and-down that you can't support the troops without supporting the war. Thank goodness we didn't fall for that line this time. Now maybe we can get the money channeled from Halliburtin and Bechtel back to where it belongs. The only freedom we've been ensuring over there is for corporate profits. Yes, I side with old Smedley Butler nowadays, because war is a racket, and the people footing the bill are the troops. It's a real shame. I'm really sick of seeing people blindly supporting a cause that's failed. We can't blame it on the men and women on the ground, though. They've done what they can with what they have, as the has-been neoconservative nutcase Rumsfeld demanded.

Let's hope the Donks are willing to clean up this mess. No one else will.

Here's my posts from last year, further solidifying my feelings about the Marine Corps and the military.

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