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A message to the Republicans...

...on behalf of Speaker Of The House Nancy Pelosi:

I can hear the hemming and hawing from the right wing of the blogosphere already - doomsayers claiming that we're coddling terrorists by electing democrats. Save it. Really. No one's listening anymore. Finally, the fascists and the corporate cronies have been answered and begun to be dealt with accordingly. Finally, someone in this country just might have a fighting chance other than the elite. You've had twelve years to show us what you can do in Congress and, let's face it, you blew it. Finally, you "pundits" on the right side of the aisle can eat crow and turn off the hot air.

Dems: the battle's not over. Next stop: Oval Office, 2008. After that: Senate, 2010. It's on like Donkey Kong.

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