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business opportunities meet allergic reactions

C and me went to a business meeting/advertising meeting last night for a kewl video e-mail product offered by an affiliate of these guys. It was at this realtor chick's house that was an associate of one of the interior designers that works with my wife and in-laws at their upholstery business. The program is pretty tight. It allows you to send people streaming video and eliminates the need for third-party software. It does other shit that I'm not willing to get into right this second because it's not the main idea of the story.

Soooooo... the realtor chick has this cat (get your damn head out of the gutter, I'm not talking about that kind of cat) that sat on my lap for a few minutes. The mangy little feline reminded me of a cat I had in high school, so I was inclined to be nice to kitty for a while. One of the worst sneezy-watery-eyed-i-can't-breathe-i-can't-fucking-see allergy attacks ensued minutes later as I was playing super-IT-guy helping the suits get their projector to work. The realtor chick had so much spyware on her computer that it's a small wonder it worked.

Anywho, I struggle through the presentation sneezing and scratching at my eyes, face, and neck - and went through half a roll of tissue (shit paper is all they had, okay?). A few of cool things happened though. One - I got an opportunity to do some side IT work. Two - the realtor chick hooked me up with two sudafeds and a claritin. Three, and coolest of all - my wife and me discovered a kick-ass sushi place in Hendo (Henderson, NV, for you outside folk) where we had three of the best rolls we ever tasted. All-in-all it turned out to be good night. On top of that, it turns out, my wife like Brother Ali. Nice, huh?

Too bad the meds kicked in and I passed out before I could get my groove on with C. *grin*
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