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It's that time again, ya'll.

Jack Carter for Senate/Dina Titus for Governor rally, Las Vegas, NV, October 3, 2006.
two pics under tha cutCollapse )

What's funny is that Mr. Carter and me got to talking about Georgia. He said he used to come down to Albany to pick up truck parts for his business. He asked if I had ever eaten at Villa Gargano, the most popular Italian eatery in tha 229. Carter knows how to connect with people, though he's soft spoken. He'll sure be a big improvement over that snake John Ensign. Oh, and we volunteered for the campaign. Yeah. Time to put my time and money where my mouth is. Like Rev. Jackson said:

We can't outspend 'em, but we sure can outwork 'em.

Right on, rev. Here we go!
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