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So, what's up??

Our therapist and we got to talking about infiltration/revolution last night and brought up Abbie Hoffman, who if I'm not mistaken once spoke about how ineffective confrontational revolution is and how we must therefore get inside the system, play by the rules, and learn to actually beat the man at his own game. My lady and I discussed how I have the aesthetics of a mainstream bloke and can therefore slip past enemy lines undetected. Fight the system from within. That's the only way that works? Who knows. You can bet, though, that it's a lot less stressful than beating on the door outside trying to get in. Slip past their walls of exclusion and elitism and collapse their whole goddamn structure from within.

Perfect. Abbie is my new hero. I always liked the guy anyway.

Also, I'm really into The Mars Volta right now. Holy smokes, they're good. In other, not necessarily related news, I ran myself too hard last night and woke up with a killer headache again. Yick.

i look like you
i know
i don't think like you
i will destroy you
from inside your head
just wait
and watch
if you can
i will move inside
set up shop
take over operations
and then
make my own rules
by abolishing
all rules
and then
hand it all over
to the masses
dead you are
dead you will remain
in your ruin
your pile of rubble
good bye

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