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yeah... more inner struggles 'n' shit.

how are you inspired
when you have nothing to say
that's bullshit. i have something
on my mind every day
too much pressure
in the world surrounds me
surrounded by its water
i refuse to let it drown me
watchin em all fall
like little fuckin dominoes
i'm tired and weak sometimes
but that's the last of my woes
still ready for them
and to deliver my own blows
yeah i'm fightin back
i'm ready for your ass
just waiting for the day
that the pain will pass
and that i'll be whole
oh no
ok though
i know it ain't over till they close
the lid on my coffin
hacking and coughing
thinking man's disease in my lungs
trancending time
so my work is never done
i'm a plague in your world of "healthy"
i'm a fuckin' whistleblower
a disease to the wealthy
a problem child, an agony bestower
hyped and pissed, i never smile
remarking your inteptitude
calling you on your shit
you're fresh and clean, but reeking of bile
be original
be redeemed
be aware
start fresh
or else you'll have my crazy ass
breathing down your neck
don't judge
don't scoff
walk a few miles in my shoes
sure as you breathe my air
i ain't fucking with you
g'head ask me about my sickness
ask my about suffering
i swear to bear witness
to these things i see
the person i be
the encroachments on my freedom
discouragement of my dream
and my flight to a higher consciousness
to transcend it all
using the wisdom of the ancients
so i take the middle road
so that i'm not filled with hate
i'll transcend all these demons
your society creates
don't misunderstand
don't get me wrong
i don't hate you, man
i just know i don't belong
so i infiltrate
a reprobate
in a herd of apostates
i think my mistake
was to assimilate
adopting your traits
but no more
my mind's in a different state
i don't need you anymore because
see i know that i'm not you
never been you
don't wanna be you
so what to do
stick to what's true
run by the stampede
but not with it
to fly over the black hole
without falling in it

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