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To the dearly departed...

...on behalf of all of us that remain behind, I'm sorry. We have failed. We have neither learned nor accomplished anything, and said way too much. The truth remains obscured behind media spin, blatant deception, and political self-interest. We are still the same selfish, arrogant nation we were five years ago. Few of us have the resolve to go against this grain, but even we are divided by political vice. We have always been divided by something, though.

THUS, now is the time to refocus our strength within and fight the terrorists that we are, not as a nation, but as individuals. We must take individual responsibility to the next level, rather than pointing out someone else's faults, we shall address our own. We all have a trait that makes us terrorizing to someone. We need to take care of that, lest the whole of human civilization go circling the drain.

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