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Little Spider

Here I go writing "poetry" and shit. Anywho, this one is interesting because it can be adapted well to anything from addiction to infatuataion to obsession, whether it be to a substance, a person, or a wish. I had obsession in mind when I wrote it a few weeks back, related someone a coworker was telling me about. Enjoy:

sometimes it occupies my soul
dominates my mind
infiltrates my thoughts
then subsides
it's not there long enough
for those outside my mind
to notice the panic that lurks within
when it comes around
i've become better at concealing it
but when the manifestation appears it haunts me
its from another world
should have no interest in me
but it lingers on
enticing me to have a taste
right before it destroys me

come here
come here
come here
come here
come here
come here

it seems to beckon
echoing in my mind
until the cacaphony overwhelms me
and i have to get up and move
pull at my skin
lurch in pain, holding my stomach
i can feel my soul exploding
a quake in my loins
then i release in a burst of light
back to normal again
no one knows

leave in peace
little spider
back to space
where you belong
my darling arachnid
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