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more and more and more

More shit, from me...

and confused
i've been through most of it
and worried
i gotta make the most of it
and scared
i've taken too many blows
been through
more shit
and nobody knows that
i'm dyin inside
staring at the ceiling
scared to describe
all the strife that I'm feeling
this is my heart
i'm sad to say
i don't know how
i keep it moving
it's like fighting a new battle every day
i look at myself in the mirror
at watch the tears fall
I'm sorry, ya'll
but is there any hope at all
for a messed up maniac
exhausted and depressed
lonely, I'm a mess
just i wish i could
start anew and fresh
i carry baggage
stay on track
so much shit
scars on my back
what to do with it
i can't just drop it
wish i had another soul
so i could at least prop it
misery so big that you can load trucks with it
if you knew how deep it flowed you wouldn't wanna fuck with it
trust me
when you see me walkin your way
the best thing to do is just to look the other way
but every day i pray
that i can find a way
to take the pain away
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