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Balance - 1, Troglodytism - 0

The "Morning After Pill" was approved by the FDA yesterday. Nods to Hillary Clinton (yeah she does some things right sometimes) for showing the Buscists that we still have more than one party in government. The religionazi knuckledraggers are losing battle after battle as the separation of church and state - even of only narrowly - prevails.

"What was so important about this, in my mind, is that the Religious Right (which has been infiltrating even further into the moderate-centrist right policies the last six years) isn't just seeking to ebb away at abortion rights, they are seeking to eradicate contraception altogether."

Yeah, watch them all fall down. There must be balance in government for it to function properly. If you upset that balance, absolutism, autocracy, and oppression are sure to follow.

OY! My wife has RANTZ00000RZ for t3h win!!! about property rights and her perceptions of the fight. I'll talk about that later.
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