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So.... I'm 29 and have three wisdom teeth left in my head. The one on the lower right has caused an infection in the gum behind the molar next to it. I got Dr. Death - that's what I call my dentist - to look at it, and he sent me on my way with Lortab, Penicillin, and a referral to an oral surgeon. Yeah, and oral surgeon!!!1! Now, Dr. Death could have pulled the tooth, but the roots of it appear to be wrapped around the nerve running along my lower jaw, which means that if he pulled it, he could sever the nerve, causing me to look like I have a permanent case of excessive botox face.. SHIT!!! This means I have to go under general anesthesia - yes, the knock-you-the-fuck-out type - which my insurance doesn't pay for. It's only three hundred bucks for anesthesia plus copay, so I'm probably going to get all three of them yanked since I'm going to be out cold anyway. The appointment is September 13.

Wish me luck.
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