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....a road I left behind long ago

These lyrics hit home for me... shit a lot of lyrics hit home for me lately, but this one put a lump in my throat. This... coming from a local, too. Yeah, don't wonder why I like Field Mob so much anymore. Please. The following lyrics are graphic, and are a snapshot of what life is like watching your own flesh and blood get violated like that and sometimes getting beaten and terrified yourself. Yeah, ya'll, I went through the horror of spousal/child abuse and have pretty much RISEN ABOVE IT. I hope to be an inspiration to those who haven't made it out yet or have yet to manage putting it behind them.

Sometimes I go back to rescue those versions of me I left behind long ago. I grab that little boy, tell him I'm sorry I left him, and take him in. I still have a lot more little Jimmy's to go after. Thanks for reading.

He's at home,
he layin' his hands on my momma again
Family ties,
this is where the drama begins
Tellin' my momma on the floor,
bitch this and bitch that
Locked in my room prayin' to God,
"Please let me get back"
He's trippin' like
he's outta control
So he had to been smokin'
the herb to choke her
Through the wall,
she was gaggin' and chokin'
Nine years old,
and I don't need to be seein' this shit
But in my tape deck,
David Allan Coe talkin' about beatin' a bitch
It got me confused, but
damn, you shouldn'a popped her that hard
And when them po's come through,
her stupid ass be droppin' the charge
Whippin' her ass like a man,
right and left with his fists
Many blows to the dome,
now she slicin her wrists
I'm hyped and I'm pissed,
so I wipe the blood holdin' her limp
It's gonna be all right,
I whispered in her bleedin' ear
She passed out, eyes rolled back,
I'm tryin' not to panic
Stepdaddy walked in, saw my momma,
then he went in a frantic
Blood leakin', it won't stop,
had to rush her to Phoebe
She almost died, of loss of blood
I knew my momma wouldn't leave me
She don't deserve to live in pain,
she just wanted to be happy
Feelin' like a pussy, I didn't help her
when he ain't even my daddy
He's back at home,
and puttin' his hands on her again
Livin' in eternal fire,
where drama doesn't end
It's hell
Nobody knows, but Lord, my soul told
Nobody knows, but Lord, my soul told
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