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Yeah, folks, there are really still people that approve of the Bush administration. See for yourself as Peace Takes Courage digs into their hatemail vault and shows us the words of the Alpha Plus Plus class of Republican America, or as I like to call them, the "Bush is always right" crowd that we can thank when fascism ushers in. They are the 32% (and shrinking) that still approve of Bush's "performance" as President. One guy says you can't blame Bush. I agree. You should also be blaming Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, the Republican congress and the spineless Democrats who enable them. Meh. Don't even get me started about that Kennedy boy. Effing buffoon.

Anywho, they used the entirety of The Venture's "Dueling Banjos", too. Great song. :-) Ummm--- hellooooooo???? Clue tree? I could use a few branches. 'Cause I got me some whackin' to do. ;-)

P.S. Are you kidding me? Half a billion dollars of taxpayer money for this pile of shit??? It's no wonder Boy Wonder's approval rating is so low. This kind of stuff makes me never want to pay taxes again. Question: How is it that the Americans cannot keep the electricity running in Baghdad for more than a couple of hours a day, yet still manage to build themselves the biggest embassy on Earth? Answer: Incompetence and blatant, pretentious waste. Whose idea was this? When does his prison term begin and when is he eligible for parole?

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