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How "libertarians" vote.

thanks to syndicalist

That's about right. Seems the only liberty libertarians care about is the liberty to acquire money and material possessions.

Also, I'd like to ask those who are concerned about soverignty when it comes to the immigration issue. Are you aware that the United States has a long history of violating other nations' soverignty when they weren't quite running things the way Washington wanted them to, in many cases replacing democratically elected leaders with DICTATORS that happened to be friendly to U.S. policies? Guess it's not fascism when we do it. I'll give you a list of places and dates:

Syria, 1949
Iran, 1953
Guatemala, 1954
Brazil, 1964
Chile, 1973

We might be looking at an overthrow of Venezuela and Bolivia in the next few years. How can we expect anyone to respect American soverignty when we have no respect for anyone else's?

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