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EXCLUSIVE!!! Rumsfeld caught having a difficult bowel movement.

Happy belated Easter to all the Christians who are reading. Read here for the history of Easter.

This weekend brought us a trip to Sacramento, CA.
The BAD part: It was raining almost the whole time and we drove nearly 1300 miles.
The GOOD part: We know where the happy cows that give us the great cheese come from. We saw the hills!! Plus, me, my mate, and our seedlings had some quality time together laughing, driving, playing, driving, eating, driving. Did I mention driving?

I must mention the original purpose of the trip - to take my wife's grandmother up to see her sister before her sister passes away. The last night we were there, the sister in question announced that she was ready to pass on. Sad on one note, but happy in that she is leaving a lot of people behind to carry on her memory, which leads me to a statement that I feel compelled to make - I hope to influence those around me to, rather than mourn the dead, celebrate the living and the life that the dearly departed lived. I hate to see people cry for one, though I understand that we will miss them, when we can be laughing and reminiscing with the lives that are left behind. I don't think I want a funeral. I would like my life to be remembered rather than my death mourned. Still, I understand that we all have our coping mechanisms dependent on our belief system. I just wanted to share mine. Thanks for reading.

Oh, yeah, and the Runny Rummy picture (sorry, I couldn't resist) was stolen from insomnia

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