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Break time...

I entered my birthday, January 7, on Wikipedia. Here's a list of stuff that is significant to me:

1558 - France takes Calais, the last continental possession of England.
1610 - Galileo Galilei observes the four largest moons of Jupiter for the first time. He named them and in turn the four are called the Galilean moons.
1894 - W.K. Dickson receives a patent for motion picture film.
1927 - First transatlantic telephone call - New York City to London.
1927 - The Harlem Globetrotters play their first game.
1954 - Georgetown-IBM experiment, the first public demonstration of a machine translation system, was held in New York at the head office of IBM.
1979 - Phnom Penh fell to the advancing Vietnamese troops, so driving out Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge.
1990 - The Leaning Tower of Pisa is closed to the public due to safety concerns.

1800 - Millard Fillmore, 13th President of the United States (d. 1874)
1928 - William Peter Blatty, American screenwriter
1939 - Maury Povich, TV host (Current Affair, Maury)/Connie Chung's husband
1948 - Kenny Loggins, American singer
1957 - Katie Couric, American television host
1959 - Kathy Valentine, American musician (The Go-Gos)
1964 - Nicolas Cage, American actor
1977 - Dustin Diamond, American actor (Screech Powers from Saved By the Bell. Same year, too.)

1943 - Nikola Tesla, Serbian-born inventor and electrical engineer (b. 1856)
1989 - Hirohito, Emperor of Japan (b. 1901)
1998 - Vladimir Prelog, Croatian chemist, Nobel Prize laureate (b.1906)
2002 - Jon Lee, Welsh drummer (Feeder) (suicide) (b. 1968)

**I learned that Eastern Orthodox Christians celebrate Christmas on January 7 as well. Interesting.

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