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Cheney owns up, but will he have to pay his dues?

Looks like Dick is taking full resposibilty for the hunting accident involving him and his republican lawyer friend. He's not so apologetic about his delay in speaking up to the media, not that I give a shit. All politics aside, this is a man who made a mistake and nearly killed a friend of his. I watched a video of the interview he did with Fox News's Brit Hume (that doesn't surprise me in the least). My question is - is the VP criminally neglegent, or did he make an honest mistake? There is this little thing that we learned in the Marine Corps weapons training (as well as civilian firearms training, if I'm not mistaken) called muzzle awareness that is to be practiced at all times when you're carrying a firearm. Cheney, as he admits, wasn't practicing muzzle awareness. In addition, if the range officer got wind that any of us had been drinking at any point in the day we were to be on the firing line, we'd be disqualified, thrown off the course, and likely subject to further disciplinary action. I'm sure Cheney feels terrible about what happened to his friend, as did I when I got my DUI nearly nine years ago. I wondered how I could have been so stupid. Well, Dick, your guilt will not absolve you. It didn't absolve me. I paid a total of $3000 in fines (combo of military and civilian imposed), was reduced in rank from Corporal to Lance Corporal, lost my license (this was in '97. It took me until 2000 to get it back), and was awarded 45 days of restriction to the batallion area.

Yes, sir, I got precisely what I deserved for my crime and learned a valuable life lesson from it. Dick, I know how sorry you are and I respect the fact that you're owning up. Nontheless I have to break it to you, cheif - you should have to do the same. Period.

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