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There's No Fun In Fundamentalism

"There’s no fun in Bible study class
There’s no fun getting fucked in the ass by a priest
Unless your old and into that,
It’s no Fun for a kid who is scared as shit

There’s no fun when praying on a mat
There’s no fun being covered in black clothes in the desert
Unless you’re Goth and into that,
But not if you’re a woman who is treated like dog shit

There’s no fun for fundamentalist
There’s no fun for the poor capitalist
There’s no fun for Regan in Exorcist
There’s no fun, There’s no fun

There’s no fun in a theocracy
There’s no fun unless you have a chosen people i.d.
Still then you got that God decree
And that’s no fun for anyone"

Yeah, true, it's no fun for a kid that's scared as shit. I know because I've been there, as I grew up a Southern Baptist and had the hellfire and brimstone thing shoved down my throat - causing me to pray for forgiveness every time I masturbated or chewed gum with too much sugar in it. This is the Christianity I know - the scary, god-hates-fags, praise-the-lord-fuck-the-poor-and-pass-the-ammunition brand of Christianity - so I've abandoned it completely, because I don't see any sane justification in scaring the shit out of people (id est, "Putting the fear of God" in them). I don't see the justification in their insisting in ruling government and society, as well as mandating public prayer - in direct violation of Matthew 6 of their own Bible, which they insist is infallible (read: our translation is infallible, nevermind that it's self-serving) Yes, these individuals are either self-serving hypocrites or duped in a big way by someone who only wants dominion over them, but not in that father-knows-best sort of way, if you catch my drift. Call me bitter. G'head. You're right. Nonetheless, fear and mind control have no place in a modern society.

This movement of dominionism can no longer be ignored. It has to be taken seriously. These people are dispicable and crazy. Read on and you'll see what I mean.
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