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Doyle Lynn Smith, R.I.P.

None of you probably know them, well maybe a couple, but a man who took me under his wing when he noticed that we shared a similar work ethic I started showing interest in meeting my professional potential succumbed to cancer last night in the presence of close family. "Lynn," as we knew him, served eleven years in the Navy, worked at the Nevada Test Site, and shortly after than started working for the school district. He was an avid handyman and guitarist and would spend hours on end with his hobbies. He was a great guy but had a stubborn mean streak. He respected people who worked hard and stood up for what is right. He is survived by his wife Jackie, his two children and his father.

At least he doesn't have to suffer anymore. I called him Sunday and let him know his significance in my life. Guess it was in the nick of time. :-)

Rest in peace, Lynn.
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