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Gore... and stuff.

Gore tells it like it is and is ignored by the mainstream media and Democratic lapdogs, to no one's surprise.
"During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act." - George Orwell


Geico is charging too much and making up any excuse to jack up the price further. Corporate greed should be kept under control, seriously, to slightly steer from the subject. I read the following written by a gentleman I've met from time to time through a good friend of mine:
"Personally, while I don’t think that unfair regulation of this sort is appropriate, needed, or beneficial, I think corporations *must* be regulated to some extent, since they are at root, inhuman entities that have the moral compass of an amoeba, that have been granted a whole suite of rights under the constitution as a ‘person’, which as potentially immortal organisms with far greater resources available, they have a far greater ability to excersize than any actual human being.
Deregulate corporations by all means, as long as their ‘human rights’ are removed in equal measure."

Well said, time to move on...

Speaking of money: We (me and my mate) spend too frivolously. We know what is needed and what is not needed. What we lack is the self-discipline to apply that knowledge. From me, that ends now. I think my mate will follow suit. We can make better use out of the money that comes in than we do.
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