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The People of Chile have spoken.

With a second round of elections, the people of Chile have elected a woman, a divorced, atheist, and left-center woman, as their leader. As is in discussion in _latinoclash several Latin American countries are having national elections this year. Wonder if other Latin Americans will make similar decisions, realizing that perhaps corporate fascism isn't exactly their idea of progress, nor is it the only form? I guess we'll see. We'll also see if the CIA will cook up some hair-brained scheme to have her assassinated to replace her with another Pinochet (he was a psychotic dictator but, hey, he was pro-business). Time will tell.

La Presidente (that has a nice ring to it) Michelle Bechelet gives the camera a thumbs-up.

QUOTE: "i cant wait for the u.s to grow a vagina." (from whileyrwaiting)
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