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My van got broken into last night. My CD's were stolen, no biggie, they were all burned copies anyway. The fuckers got ahold of some receipts and papers I had in there - VERY BIGGIE.

My first inclination was to hide out at night and wait to see if they'd strike again, since they've broken into other people's vehicles on the block, but that's too drastic. I was willing to admit to that after I made a total ass of myself and got chewed out by my wife and sister-in-law smiultaneously. I'm still licking my wounds from that one. As much as I fucking hate it when they do that, to me or anyone, I guess I had it coming.

That aside, here's the real plan:

1. Call Metro and file a report - DONE! Not that they'll do anything.

2. Establish identity theft monitors with the three major credit bureaus. DONE! In fact, Experian filed the other two for me, all at no cost to me.

3. Now that I understand that the recently formed neighborhood association could possibly serve more purpose than bitching about weeds and congratulating people about how nice they yards are, I'm going to get more involved with them and find out if there is a neighborhood watch going here and, if not, see about helping form one myself.

4. Call an auto glass company and get the broken shit replaced - Done! That's happening this afternoon.

5. Clean all that shit out of my seat so I can drive to work.

With that, I'm done with this post.

EDIT 1: I wonder how that bastard is going to feel when he comes back and finds the window already replaced, AS IF NOTHING FUCKING HAPPENED!
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