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da house, da house... da house is in escrow... we don't need no buyer...

...am I really typing that? Sorry. Things are well, but wait, I'll be 30 in precisely 366 days, meaning I'll be 29 tomorrow. What'll I wear? It's decided. Pajamas.

Frickin' old farts, I tell ya. I have a few things to be thankful for today:

- my marriage is solidifying.

- i can have a blast with my children, and i'm becoming a better dad.

- i have a few good friends instead of a bunch of fly-by-nigh acquaintences

- i work with a solid crew that can joke around, and somehow be serious about getting the job done at the same time.

- i am more self-aware than i was a year ago

- i'm beginning to realize that how my life turns out can be attributed to my attitude 90% of the time

- our financial future is looking brighter

- i have a place where i can chat with fellow Monroe Comprehensive High School alumni.

There are a couple or three issues that I still have yet to resolve:

- why is it my responsibility to do all the work in maintaining the relationship with my mom and stepdad, i.e. why do i have to call them, but they never call me unless something is wrong? what should I do about it when i know that confronting them about it will never in hell work, no matter how benevolent i try to be to them? FUCK!

- where, oh where, is my father? did he get my letter? is he still alive? FUCK!

- why is bush still in office? is he spying on me? should i even care about the government or politics anymore? isn't it all just circling the drain anyway?

HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND FOLKS! I know I will, whether the fates like it or not. PFFFFT!!!
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