December 13th, 2006

The situation

As it stands, for now, I'm not going to have to find another job because of what's going on with my back. My supervisor has accommodated me in a way that will buy me some time pending a diagnosis from the doctor. I have yet to schedule an MRI, because the doctor's office is dragging its heels on getting approval from my insurance company. The director, in spite of the years of hard work I've done in his department, is ready to throw me away like yesterday's trash. Fucking ingrate. I always had a feeling that he was a robot in manager's clothing. This just confirms it.

I'm not sure how to feel about anything, but I know what I need to prepare to do. My future in this particular job just doesn't look very promising. Any of you know someone that's hiring?

UPDATE: I've scheduled an MRI for Tuesday, 12/19. The director is still on my shi0t list, although I'm not really mad at him anymore.
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