December 11th, 2006


Argh! Indeed. Saw the doc Friday. She told me that the x-rays of my back looked good in that all the vertabrae looked properly aligned (thx Dr. Keuhl) but that alignment wasn't necessarily indication that there is no possibility that I don't have a herniated disk or a pinched nerve. Doc wants to order an MRI to verify that one or the other doesn't exist, and perhaps send me to a spine doctor. Meanwhile I'm on vicodin, flexoril, and ibuprophen to curb the pain, stop the muscle spasms, and prevent swelling of the area, respectively. I've been told that I shouldn't lift more than ten pounds (yah, right!)and that I can run--- but I tried running this morning and decided brisk walking was less painful on the back.

Don't know what I'll do about work. I think my laptop weighs more than ten pounds. (lol) I got a note just in case. I think my approach will just be taking more care on the job and not insist on trying to do so damn much. meh. :-/
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From the Quakers... GET THE HELL OUT!!!

...via Eric Blumrich, a message right from The American Friends Service Committee, Ten Reasons why we should immediately get out of Iraq:

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Ya'll know that, at some point, one has to admit they fucked up and cut their losses. Doesn't sound like the neocons have any desire under the sun to do that. Looks like, in addition, that our hard-headed assed government still hasn't learned the lessons of Vietnam. Dipshits. It's like someone who has started a fight with someone and refusing to give up even though they're getting the shit kicked out of them, except you and your tycoon buddies have someone duped into fighting for you. Dispicable swine is what you are - nothing more - regardless of what title you hold (CEO, commander-in-chief, what have you).

As for you donks that just got elected to Congress, now is not the time to cower in fear of the GOP. Now's the time to stand for what's right. We've already fucked Iraq up beyond any feasible repair. We already have egg on our faces. Let's not keep doing the same shit the same way and expecting a different result. I think they have a word for that. I also think that you probably have an inkling of a clue what that word is, and hope that I'm not overestimating your insight.
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