November 20th, 2006


Some people just need to be whacked over damn the head with a 2x4. Maybe it'd knock something loose and they'd finally find something better to do than harass people just 'cause they're different.

"This is where we've arrived in this country: You have the constitutional right to burn an American flag, but you can get into trouble for simply flying a foreign one.

At least you can in the 30,000-person town of Pahrump, Nevada, which is close to Las Vegas and even closer to stepping over the line with an idiotic, intolerant and insulting ban on foreign (read: Mexican) flags. The town council voted last week, 3-2, to approve an ordinance that makes it illegal to display a foreign flag -- unless an American flag is flown above it. Scofflaws face a $50 fine and 30 hours of community service."

This place is right down the road from where I live. I guess this type of sentiment is parallel to the "go home n***ers" sentiment that they had down South in the heat of the civil rights movement. Seems white conservatives of every generation have someone that they just can't stand. *scowl*
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