November 12th, 2006

Since I'm too lazy to type any of my own words.

I'll let Eric Blumrich speak on my behalf today. He says it a lot like I say it, anyway, except he was willing to take the time to turn our thoughts into sort of an essay. Thanks Eric!
"The beast has been hobbled, and though we rightfully take cheer in this, we must remain wary. Any animal handler will tell you that a dangerous animal becomes all the more threatening, when they are wounded. Much like a rottweiler caught in a bear trap, the republican party has gone into full cornered-rat mode, casting about itself in fear, and lashing out in fearful desperation.

In the leadup to the transition to the new congress, the Bush Bowl is faced with their last chance to make their ruinous policies permanent, and we're sure to see the lame-duck session rubberstamping like there's no tomorrow. There's little than can be done about this last-ditch offensive, other than to grin, bear it, and entertain a bit of confidence that when the adults are sworn in on January 3rd, perhaps some of the damage these children have wrought can be repaired.

So, we must keep an eye on the tremendous task before us, as a country.
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There's a reference in there about German and U.S. groups bringing charges against Rumsfeld for the prison abuse scandals. Will someone finally hold the psychotic neocons accountable? Let's hope.

"The revolution's started- it's up to us to make sure it succeeds. - Eric Blumrich

"A State without the means of some change is without the means of its conservation." - Edmund Burke
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