November 9th, 2006

Cheese with your whine? Would you like some french cries with that?

Nevada Ballot Question #5 was approved on Election Day, and people all over the valley are whining about it. They claim it will cost them their businesses if they have to choose whether to serve food in their establishments, or allow smoking. Thanks to the voters of Nevada, they can no longer do both. This is a no-brainer, folks, disallow smoking in your establishments and make the smokers go outside. Non-smokers are the majority, so in the long run it won't cost you that much business, especially since none of the Black-Lung Brigade are willing to drive out of state so they can smoke and eat at the same time. These idiots have the annoying, relentless tendency to bring up "rights." What "rights"? Your "right" to pollute the air we breathe with your fumes? You're the one that's addicted to that shit, not me, so don't be mad because I don't want to pay your price. If you don't like it, fucking quit. Yeah, I've heard it's hard to quit. In that case, you shouldn't have started in the first place. Deal with it and don't ask me to. It's not my responsibility.

It's just like all the other "libertarian" values, I suppose, such as:

The "right" to behave as you wish, even if your behavior is a danger to others.
The "right" to do anything with your property you choose, no matter what effect it has on anyone else.
The "right" to cheat workers out of a fair wage, just because you don't feel you make enough money.
The "right" of a corporation to be legally regarded as a person, which is just preposterous.

I'm gonna go run, now, because my lungs can handle it.
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