November 8th, 2006

Good election!! Still waiting on Virginia.

It's been a good election, even though the Dems didn't take the major seats of governance in my state, such as governor, etc, but a lot of the measures I wanted to see pass passed. On the national level, the Senate stands at 50-49, democrats, with Virginia still left to decide. We need Virginia to take the Senate, and our guy is only ahead by 6,708 votes. We donks already have the house, hence my last post, and Nancy Pelosi is set to become the first Madame speaker in American History. Also, I just heard, Donald Rumsfeld has resigned. Hallefuckingluja on that one. The troops could use better leadership across the board, and he's the best start to cleaning out the riff-raff in Washington when it comes to the DoD.

On the local level, here's a list of what went down, to include how I voted.

Governor: Five-time Republican Congressman Jim Gibbons edged Democrat state Senator Dina Titus to keep the governor's seat in GOP hands. (I voted for Titus, although I will concede that she ain't much better.)

Congressional District 3: Incumbent GOP Jon Porter is the winner. (this was out of my district. Jon Porter is a dirtbag. Tessa Hafen ran a weak race.)

United States Senator: Incumbent Republican Senator John Ensign has defeated Democrat Jack Carter to win a second term on Capitol Hill. (Dissappointing, though not surprising. Nevadans love them some John Ensign, and Carter ran a weak campaign. Carter was a good guy, too. Damn shame, 'cause Ensign is another slimeball)

Clark County Sheriff: Doug Gillespie wins over Jerry Airola. (I voted for - GASP - Airola, not because he's a business man. In fact the fact that he was a slimy capitalist scumbag was the reason I originally wasn't going to vote for him. Then I heard about his idea of turning Clark County Detention Center into a tent city - treating criminals like criminals, are you kidding - and I was sold. But, alas, Gillespie won, so prepare for more yes-manning to the anti-homless, casino-dominated establishment lead by Mayor Oscar Goodman, and for the homeless to continue to be treated worse than hardened criminals. Guess they don't call it the Wild West for nothin'.)

Congressional District 1: Democratic Rep. Shelley Berkley sailed to an easy victory defeating political unknown, Republican Kenneth Wegner. (Of course! Berkley's one of the few people on Capitol Hill that are worth the shoes they wear. I love this lady.)

Attorney General: Democrat Catherine Masto was elected Attorney General, defeating former district judge Don Chairez, a late entry in the race for Republicans.(Good riddance. Don Chairez was a piece of fecal excrement that hated his own people.)

Lieutenant Governor: Republican Brian Krolicki elected. (I'm not sure why, but I'm kind of indifferent to this one.)

Secretary of State: Ross Miller beats Danny Tarkanian. (Another elephant, shot down. Good for us.)

County Commission District F: Susan Brager wins over Lynette Boggs-McDonald. (I liked Brager, but couldn't stand the developer's sweetheart McDonald. This was not my district, but I'm glad to see another yes-woman get the boot.)

State Ballot Initiatives:

Ballot Question 1: Public school funding approved. (I voted yes.)

Ballot Question 2: Property rights approved. (this one was near and dear to my heart. this means that state and county entities alike will have to negotiate with land/home owners and have to pay a fair price instead of tossing people out on their heads so that the government can sell the land to high-rise developers. The end of eminent domain is eminent. Smart choice!)

(Ballot Question 3 was removed from the ballot).

Ballot Question 4: Second-hand Smoke (this would have changed nothing about the way things are here in vegas)

Ballot Question 5: Clean Air Act approved over Second-hand Smoke. (OMGzzzz YES!!!!! This means that I can walk into a 7-11, get something to drink, and not come out smelling like a fucking ash tray.)

Ballot Question 6: Minimum wage approved. (this one's a no-brainer. the people in several states passed similar legislation, answering the coroporate whores in Congress who struck down similar legislation.)

Ballot Question 7: Legal marijuana rejected. (Why the fuck is everyone so scared of Mary Jane?)

Ballot Question 8: Sales tax approved. (This one was too fucking complicated to even begin to try deciphering the legal mumbo-jumbo attached to it. The way I understood it, if I voted no it would bring more revenue to the local economy. If I vote yes it would bring revenue to the state level. Indifferent at this point.)

Ballot Question 9: Election of Board of Regents approved. (this enables the governor to select a portion of the state board of regents. This makes me uncomfortable because it takes power out of the hands of the people.)

Ballot Question 10: Provisions regarding Legislature special sessions approved. (this enables the state legislature to initiate its own special session, if needed. I voted yes.)

Ballot Question 11: Lawmakers compensation rejected. (You've gotta be kidding me! No, our legislators will still only get paid for sixty of the 120 days they are in session. This one was rejected by a 70-30 margin. What a bunch of stingy bastards!)
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The Republican Party = PWN3D!!!

Senate 4 teh win!!!1! Go d0nkz!! The AP and CNN are calling it, too. It's not looking like George Allen is going to seek a recall.

This means an entire branch of government is under Donkey control. Next stop: The Oval Office. You've been warned.

Now show your respect to the following, ya'll:

Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi
Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid

To the Democrats, now running the show, don't fuck it up!
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