October 30th, 2006

three-day weekend

We went to see Cris's grandmother and other family. We were able to take the kids on this really peaceful nature walk where they were fascinated by the lizards and other little critters scurrying up the trees as we walked by. I got a call from my mom. She said that she's got a lesion on one kidney and a cyst on the other kidney, so that makes two people in my immediate family for whom I'm concerned about their health. One thing that struck me as odd - my wife's grandfather said that he was impressed about how I seem very peaceful and that I have "a beautiful way about me." It's odd because I don't feel that I am as peaceful as I can be, but I guess it's impossible to be on way 100% of the time. I'll shoot for 99%. Thinking of that, I feel more ready than I have all my life to strike the balance between my turbulent, unpleasant, and sometimes even violent past - when matters were beyond my control (i.e. childhood) or when I failed to take control of my situations (i.e. making excuses for not being the man I can be now) - and what promises to be a pleasant future, because I can control that. It is important for me to stay focused on that goal - a pleasant future - where I have wisdom and peace in my life and my way of being. On our way back from California, we heard bits and pieces of a radio show about the Bioneers that we found inspiring and interesting, to say the very least.

Little-by-little the pieces add up, eh?
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