October 17th, 2006

more lyrics that hit home

"They say shits bad for you, all by yourself aint’cha?
Damn straight, I got a jail cell nature
Been boxed up but I never been settled in
Him got tough started developing leather skin
I learned to make that face that tells predators
Its better to reassess just who you’re bout to wrestle with
I’m on one like the first kick drum of the beat
Clear my lungs, spit blood on the street
They telling me we got nothing to fear but fear itself
But I fear I have no human fear left
Some day I’m gonna want to peel back these calluses
And really feel life again, and that’s where my challenge is
I been kicking and biting for so long
And when they throw me a rescue rope ill be too weary to hold on and see the light
So I sing through the tears and the key of life the way a wounded ego might"

There's always light at the end of the tunnel, ya'll. Fortunately, I'm seeing a lot more of it lately. Props to Brother Ali for the lyrical inspiration.
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