October 7th, 2006

OY... I went to a protest...at some point in the near past.

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Yeah, about two dozen people showed up, which is quite a crowd for our apathetic-assed town. We got a couple of jeerers, including a gunnery sargeant, but mostly poeple honking, waving, and raising their fists in support. We are in a blue county - in a BARELY red state - after all. Interesting that vets almost invariably support right-wing or republican candidates. Why support the people that send you to war again and again and then have the audacity to cut funding for your benefits. Halliburton's CEO's are well-fed though, aren't they? Meanwhile my people in uniform and the people that work for those CEO's alike are dropping like flies. We're up to about 3000 in American military personnel alone, right?

Damn, if these dudes only knew that the hand that supposedly feeds them is feeding them tainted food. It's a damn shame, yet a testament to how well fear-mongering propaganda works.

Indeed, my man, indeed.
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Do you ever want to just walk outside and stare at the nighttime sky for no other reason than to purge every thought on your mind?

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