September 27th, 2006

Before you join the military, kids, please consider:

Make sure you know what you're getting into.

Remember, you're fighting a war for a government that doesn't care about you, but the interests of the people who fill their pockets. We all need to be fighting all of them. Now, before you naysaying conservatives start jawjacking, I served. I've heard the lies and the deceptions myself. I've seen the injustices. I never, thank goodness, had to see anyone die, but I saw a man have to live the rest of his life with a numb limb because some quack Navy doctor botched his hernia surgery. Last I heard, he's still in litigation. If you want to support the troops, folks, it goes FAR beyond doing it while they're fighting on the battlefield. Watch and learn what they don't show you on CNN and FOX. Put down your fuckin' latte and listen a spell.

Thanks in advance. Semper Fi.

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