September 1st, 2006


i can't wake up this morning. at least it's friday - before a three-day weekend. to think, i was hella tempted to call in today. fuggit. at least the work will be easy, and it's not like there will be anyone at home to chill with for the day. we'll all be chipping in to hit the yards this weekend and do some CLEANUP - long overdue.

OY. for the record, i'm glad they got that warren jeffs guy. gotdamn sicko.

and in other news, one of my guys brought in pictures of his newborn kid. it triggered a desire within me to have another one.
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I am so not surprised.

Coulda told ya - Pentagon gives gloomy Iraq report. Sooooooooo..... George... what's happening? Yeaaaaah. Weeeeeeeellllllllllll! Looks like it's official. King Shrubbery's venture in Iraq is a failure, just like everything else he's done. Oh, well. It's only cost three thousand American and countless Iraqi lives so far, but they are poor and disposable, so who cares? Dispicable sons of bitches! When is this asshole going to learn to cut his losses? Probably never, because spoiled rich brats more often than not have no concept of self-discipline, Resign now, Bush Administration, before you cause yourselves any further embarrassment.

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