August 29th, 2006

I wrote this yesterday during lunch

little man with bad teeth
stuck in the world of demons
and shadows that don't speak

down the street
down the way
they all scared
i'm a fuckin' nightmare
'cause I know what I think

and think what I know
and say what I do
ain't fuckin' with you
if you don't fuck with me
god damn it, child,
let me sleep

i won't be ignored
while you smilin
i come like a theif in the night
and take your soul while you slumber

i know ya'll all got complaints
don't have time for your games
ain't gettin ready to fuck wit ya
you damn haters
take a number

call me a grump and a grouch
call me bitter and abrasive
call me confused
but don't try to make me
a clone like you
what's your problem, motherfucker
what did I ever do to you
that you ostracize and shun me
like i ain't paid my fuckin' dues

i may look that part, bitch
but don't be fooled
i've been through more heartache and pain
than most folks twice as old as you

i'm hardened
like a fuckin hunk of granite
so why the fuck am i trippin
about shit like you on my planet
look at you, man
you weak and you scared
hiding behind a facade
but we know what's under there

i hear what you spit
you may boast you may brag
but if the truth were your strength
you'd be stuck inside a paper bag

i'm a soldier
i took the reins and i'm the goddamn boss
if you don't like where this ship is goin'
then get the fuck off

got the foundation
my whole fam knows
your stupid ass can't see it
but if you look close enough
it shows

(inspired by "God Loves Ugly" and "Left, Right")
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