August 21st, 2006

....a road I left behind long ago

These lyrics hit home for me... shit a lot of lyrics hit home for me lately, but this one put a lump in my throat. This... coming from a local, too. Yeah, don't wonder why I like Field Mob so much anymore. Please. The following lyrics are graphic, and are a snapshot of what life is like watching your own flesh and blood get violated like that and sometimes getting beaten and terrified yourself. Yeah, ya'll, I went through the horror of spousal/child abuse and have pretty much RISEN ABOVE IT. I hope to be an inspiration to those who haven't made it out yet or have yet to manage putting it behind them.

Sometimes I go back to rescue those versions of me I left behind long ago. I grab that little boy, tell him I'm sorry I left him, and take him in. I still have a lot more little Jimmy's to go after. Thanks for reading.
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