August 15th, 2006

just how i'm feelin'

Certain people like to make things difficult for you to feed their own egos. Folks wanna be all condescending and shit, then not answer your questions when you ask them - people that claim to be cool with you but act disrespectful. I don't need to be letting that shit bother me - though admittedly it pisses me off - so I'll just put things in perspective by putting up some lyrics to a song I've been feeling lately and adapt a couple of lines to apply to my situation.

I was young 17 with the clothes on my back
Said I'll do it I did it. put my self on the map
Been stickin to the script y'all really wanna act
Like I ain't the real reason y'all really wanna rap
They jealous they wanna step in my spot but you can sneeze
The rest of ya life and won't get the blessings I got
I sold butter made bread plus I roll wit toast
My lady call me nearsighted say my foes is close
No friends its just a waste of time I know ya bogus
Crooked behind my back ya like a spine wit scoliosis
I'm focused like the Ford car private like a G4
Try me get shells in ya waves like a seashore
See I don't be on what he on we grown he wrong
He gon keep on he gon be gone
Two faced like geminis I came up wit you man
I'll speak but I don't mess wit you man

Why is it when my frown is down side up ya smile is upside down
Is it because of my wife now is it my nice house
Is it cause I'm a pop now and livin a life now that
I'm bout through strugglin everything is alright now
You see the grin on my face pass
Don't get mad get glad like the trashbags you just
Pray and pray on my downfall
When I'm up ya down me when I'm down ya clown me
Claimin to be my friend... but really softer than the spot
In my back to ease his knife in
He ain't got love for me I wrote a rhyme about it
That hole ya dug for me you tryna climb up out it
Ya bust ya head at the bottom now ya cryin about it
Well when around came right back around and got him
The more paper the more haters I need more cheese
Cause the haters I got they startin to bore me

From the tip of ya nose to the tip of ya toes
Y'all ain't nothin but some hatin (yeah yeah)
Smilin in my face everyday like "what up Jim"
I'm just waitin for the day to put a slug up to ya
Ol fake ass kissers walk past diss ya
Breathe you a wannabe me ... why?
Cause I got new plots and track em or
Cause I got spine that make you fuckas bend it like Beckham
Is it cause few good friends stay close to me
Or is it cause you should have been where I'm supposed to be
Well everyday I stay fresh whole fam got cheese
So I could care less what you think about me
I thank my enemies and I truly adore em
Best way to get back at somebody is to ignore em
I'm the heavyweight champ we'll see who gon drop
Cause evrybody in the bottom know who on top

Thanks to Field Mob for the lyrics (yeah, I bit 'em, what?). I don't even know why this is an issue. So, take your fast cars, bimbos, parties, and nights out on the town. I ain't gonna take it personal anymore, dog, 'cause I've got what I want in life and I don't need to belittle people to feed my ego. I forgive that dude for what happened this morning, but I ain't fucking with him anymore. I'm backing off. Should have never got so damn close in the first place. We don't have anything in common anyway.
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