July 28th, 2006

I made the switch.

From this:

2002 Kia Sedona LX, 65000 miles, 16/20 MPG (city/hwy), expensive parts.

To this:

2005 Chevrolet Cavalier, 15500 miles, 24/34 MPG (city/hwy), parts I can get at Auto Zone, CHEAP!!

I'm happy with my decision and all the money it's going to save me. Don't bother talking about turning in my "man card," either, unless you're man enough to take it from me. >:-) Anywho, I expect to get a lot of good miles out of this car and would even if I hadn't bought Friendly Ford's top-of-the-line warranty that covers everything but the kitchen sink until its got 90000 miles on it. Nevermind that this warranty is overlapping the Chevy factory warranty until the 36000 mark. And when the warranty finally does run out, I'll be thirty-five years old and able to work on the damn thing myself.

I made a good decision. I think that, since it's yellow and all, about getting one of those Loteria El Diablo cards as a sticker and putting it on the bumper (see the icon).
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