May 30th, 2006

Memorial Day

I'm not going to ham and haw about what you should and shouldn't have been doing on Memorial day. I already said it back on Veteran's Day. Why don't you take an opportunity to try and see things from the troops' point of view?

The only thing I can do is emphasize that these folks need our support more after they come back than they do while they're doing the elite's dirty work for them. You wanna support them? Take some time to hump a few miles in their boots - you warhawks. You criminals. Civilians don't get it. The media doesn't get it. Only other military folks get it. I know I'd have probably seen Iraq myself had I not left active duty back in '99. It doesn't matter whether I liked it or not. I'd have been there. I'd have seen what folks like realize have seen. I may have even met my maker like rev_wayfarer. Then again, I would have probably been in the rear with the gear, since I wasn't a grunt.

Nonetheless, I love you guys and I understand. Semper Fi. You know who you are.
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