May 7th, 2006

Everybody's Working For The Weekend.

Lot's of stuff going on, I'll list it as I think of it:

1. My father-in-law and I spent the day over at the house Cris and me just bought fixing the sprinklers and installing some new lighting. About fifteen feet of conduit and a junction box had to be installed so we could piggyback from the backdoor light to make way for a security light on the side of the house - which is to shed a little light on some horny folks that have been leaving used condoms on our side lawn. We don't live there yet, so they think it's fair game, I guess. We'll see how they like a little light shed on the subject. I think every damn sprinkler head in my front yard was broken. Damn. After about eight hours it's all done. Phew.

2. Speaking of my 1950's house, I got a letter from the National Register Of Historical Places telling me that we could get loans from the federal government (I said loans, meaning we have to pay it back) to fund restoration measures on the property, given that we can find original parts and fixtures from the era. Cris has been scouring the depths of the Internet to find some good buys and advice.

3. We bought into the RCI program, which is basically similar to a timeshare, except with MANY more options (you can use your points to rent cars and buy plane tickets, for example). This is literally owning your vacations, whether they be two days or two weeks. Between the three or four day mini-vacations we go on and the annual trip back to the South we probably put in about three and a half or four weeks a year, so this is a good deal for us. We got it for about seven thousand bucks in total, $180 a month for four years. Not too damn bad if you ask me.

4. David has his final appointment Tuesday that will determine what developmental issues, if any, he has. We suspect that he's probably high-functioning autistic based on his habits and actions, but we should get a professional opinion. High-functioning means basically that he's not like Rainman, just someone who displays some autistic tendencies, but average or above average intelligence. Either way, it's not something we see as a big tragedy. I would like to think of it not as a bad thing, but just something different from normal. Adjustments will be made, though. That's for sure.

5. My van is in the shop for routine maintenance. Don't laugh, it's paid for. :-)
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