May 1st, 2006

Been gone...

There has been little time for posting.

Planning for vacation
working on the house
doing more work @ work (imagine that)
being sick and allergic to air
doing things on top of things
being loopy and distant and aloof.

Me and Cris are getting along swell, though, so I'm thankful for that BBIIIGGG favor. I don't want her to worry that I've been loopy and distant. My head and my mind have felt like they were in two different places while I was sick. I'm more like myself today than I've been in a while. Bad news is that I passed this shit onto everyone else in the house. Meh.

Peace and props to all the participants in the "Day Without and Immigrant" thing today. My heart is with you even though my body isn't.
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Shut your trap.

The War On Immigration is going to work out about the same as the War On Drugs has.

It will fail.

Besides that, most of the robots who insist that all immigrants do things by the current system don't have a damn clue about immigration than they could conveniently learn from their McDonald's-style media outlets, and probably don't care to know. How many of them know that there is a list that you have to get on, and unless you're a millionaire, a professional athlete, or practically a nobel laureate, there isn't a snowball's chance in hell you'll get on the list, and even if you do it could take you twenty years to get legalized? Here's to you, armchair pundits who refuse to face reality. May you get pummeled by every branch of the clue tree as it comes down. TIMBEEEERRRRRRR!!!!

Case in point, clueless ones: My mother-in-law waited from the early seventies to the early nineties to become a citizen. You call that justice? Stick it in you ear! At least the folks I know work for a living. I like what my wife has to say about the elitist pricks who want their version of America, and theirs only, to prevail.

"The fundamental error made by European settlers/conquerors/explorers of the new World, is/was the inability to coexist with native peoples, plants and animals."

... and ...
"Let's break every PELLA WINDOW, Ashlee Furniture item, Lexus vehicle, D&B purse, Stacy Adams shoes, and every Lenox dish. All of it. Lets break it all and people go through the proper channel of acquiring thier dumb shit again - they can make it all themselves."

You people are ideologically and morally bankrupt. Lou Dobbs and his ilk. All the same. Hypocrites. Racists. Xenophobes. Seriously. What's next? Genocide? You're so obsessed with little Bobby and little Ashley learning Spanish and associating with Juanito and Yahaira... oh wait a minute that's what they make suburbs and private schools for. For xenophobic lynch mobs like yourselves to de-facto segregate from the real world while you snort your lines and tell your lies behind your perfectly groomed, neatly trimmed facade, enjoying all the freedoms that belong to us, but only are available to you because you can pay for them. Fascists. Fill me with your idealistic hooey about institutionalized education and tell me that this is what I should strive for, sacrifice my family for, supplant my sanity with. A worthless piece of paper that only tells me that I can pass a pretentious exam and make a professor happy? So you can still stare down at me from your ivory tower and tell me what I should think and what is absolutely right and absolutely wrong? I won't have it! I will seek knowledge for knowledge's sake. That's where one finds true knowledge. Sing the praises of your Supreme Leader while he fills your pockets. I guess what has always angered me about conservatives these days is that they harbor a host of hateful and destructive ideas behind a wholesome facade. You can convince people that genocide is wholesome with the right propaganda. Hitler did it - millions of times in fact. Now, finally, I have a definite answer to give when asked what I am angry at. Hypocrisy. Creeping death. Whatever you want to call it.

Well, I have to speak now. You are going after some of the people I love. You are going after some of my family - people whose genetic code is 50% of my children's.

Therefore, you're going after me. Now it's personal.
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