March 25th, 2006


1. What does your Livejournal name mean?
It's my favorite track on Sepultura's 1996 album, "Roots". Here are the lyrics. I've always had a rebellious streak and have been resistant to authority in any form. That's why I picked the song title as an LJ name.

2. Elaborate on your default photo?
It's a book I found in the Special Ed classroom at a local middle school. I took a picture of it, and voila!

3. Make up a question.
Do you really need what you think you need?

4. What's your current relationship status?
In repairs and slowly but surely working the way I think it ought to.

5. What EXACTLY are you wearing right now?
green cargo shorts and a white t-shirt with a depiction of the New Belgium 1554 black ale bottle label

6. What is your current problem?
A sore throat and a head cold

7. What do you love most?
Being calm and aware. Spending time with my fam.

8. What makes you most happy?
the knowledge that some day I will free myself completely from all bitterness, selfishness, hatred, animosity, and greed.

9. Are you musically inclined?
I can sing and have an ear for music.

10. If you could go back in time, and change something, what would you change?
Changing anything would mean taking away some of the lessons I've learned. It's unwise to throw away knowledge like that, no matter what one's regrets are.

11. If you MUST be an animal for ONE day, what would you be?
Something that swims or flies.

12. Ever have a near death experience?

13. Name an obvious quality you have.
I'm very introverted

14. What's the name of the song that's stuck in your head right now?
Voodoo Glow Skulls - Randy Gordo. They also have an English version called "Fat Randy". Both versions are stuck in my head right now. Not that it's a bad thing.

15. Who did you cut and paste this from?

16. Name someone with the same birthday as you.
Nicholas Cage, Dustin Diamond (same year, too)

17. Have you ever vandalized someone's private property?

18. Have you ever been in a fight?
More than I can count, but none since I was nineteen.

19. Have you ever sung in front of a large audience?

20. What is the first thing you notice about the opposite sex?
Eyes, lips, curves

21. What do you usually order from Starbucks?
sugar free vanilla soy latte or green tea with five packs of splenda

24. Has anyone ever said you looked like a celebrity?
Toby McGuire (at one time), Jim Brewer (when I'm drunk), and Robert Downey, Jr. (when I was younger)

25. Do you still watch kiddy movies or TV shows?
I have two kids. Of course I do. And I'm not ashamed to say it!

26. Did you have braces?
No. My parents couldn't afford them and my grill wasn't bad enough that insurance would have picked up the tab... not that they do that.

27. Are you comfortable with your height?
Yep. I used to lie and say I was 5'10", but I'm 5'8". Sixty-eight inches. That's it and I'm fine with that.

28. What is the most romantic thing someone has ever done for you?
held me and rubbed my back

29. Do you speak any other languages?
I'm about half-assed fluent in Spanish. I should use it a lot more than I do.

30. Do you have a crush on someone on your livejournal?
I'm married to cris_nicewelts. That comes with an eight-year crush. Eight years strong, baby!
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    Voodoo Glow Skulls - Randy Gordo