January 31st, 2006

More important things are pending.

Some middle-aged man in a suit is talking about grandiose things to a bunch of other middle-aged people in suits. Apparently this happens once a year. Go figure.

I have little or no concern about the aforementioned middle-aged man, anything he's talking about, or the system he represents. It is out of my control and circling the drain as far as I'm concerned. Corrupt people with corrupt ideas. Do they wonder why folks like me get disillusioned? Prolly not. Too busy on the lastest power grab. They, like me, have bigger fish to fry, and that's fine with me. I'll leave them alone and they'll leave me alone. Very well. For now, though, I have to listen to folks on one side of the aisle point finger at folks on the other, blathering on about how folks from one side are trying to destroy something that the other side stands for. It's all a big spectacle, I figure. Pretty entertaining stuff if you look at it objectively, especially when you get the fringe lunatics involved. It's hard not to subjectify it, since so much is at stake. It's hard to care anymore, though, since corruption and ethical decay are inevitable in every society. Everyone is a terrorist, unpatriotic, treasonous, and blah, blah, blah, but we all want your vote so we continue to spend your money on stuff you may not want it spent on. The system is circling the drain and will, in the next generation or two, purge itself somehow regardless of who you or I vote for, support, show solidarity to, whutevah.

Addresses, speeches, banquets, etc...I didn't think we paid these knotheads to flap their jaws, wine and dine, and feed their faces, but I digress. Besides, yours and my tax dollars are going toward something that makes for some pretty decent entertainment, or at least it would if people's lives and livings weren't at stake.

On to the higher echelon of Jim's priorities:
!I have a lot of work to do on the five dimensions I talked about here. Damn! I have a helluva long way to go. Last night I totally butchered #5. Sorry, Alicia and Cris, although Alicia doesn't know. She never will, 'cos hardships happen and we all love each other like a big imperfect family. People are prone to say some pretty harsh, illogical, irreverent things when they let their anger speak for them. I need to curb by vengeful tendencies.
!!The house closes soon. Hope you got your referral bonus, Darmon! Now comes the time to look for a new place.
!!!We have already began to adjust our spending habits in order to live less frivilously. We must continue on that path.
!!!!I have adopted, in the past five or six days or so, a more vegetarian approach to eating. I'm not really trying to lose weight, although I expect weight loss to be a side effect of the dietary adjustment. I want to live longer than anyone in my family ever has. I want to be healthy and able-bodied while I'm doing it. So, barring any accidental mishchief on the part of Fate, I want to live until at least the year 2072, if not much, much longer. This will require enrichment of the mind, body, and spirit. There are a lot of crucial factors that will go into this.
!!!!!I need to curb my vengeful tendencies. I know I already said this. It bears repeating because it is quite a daunting obstacle for me.

G'night, folks. :-)